Tresse Eversil 1000°C

Ref : TRE1

The sheathing is made of 1000°C glass yarns interlaced around a central core made of 1000°C glass tape of high purity. The braids are round, square or rectangular. Their density was defined in order to obtain the best balance of flexibility and hardness necessary for an optimal effectiveness of the seal.


  • Casting seals
  • Heat insulation
  • Industrial oven seals
  • Seals for heating appliances
  • Lagging
Dimension in mm Round braid Square braid Packaging in ML
10 TRE1O10 TRE1C10 100
12 TRE1O12 TRE1C12 50
15 TRE1O15 TRE1C15 50
20 TRE1O20 TRE1C20 25
25 TRE1O25 TRE1C25 25
30 TRE1O30 TRE1C30 25
40 TRE1O40 TRE1C40 25
50 TRE1O50 TRE1C50 15

Technical data sheet