Eversil 750°C


•Core: high temperature blanket (1000°C)
•Sleeving: high temperature glass yarns (550°C)


•Maximum service temperature: 550°C
•Retains its properties after exposure to the indicated temperature
•Loss ignition: < 5%
•Good mechanical strength
•Regular diameter ensures optimum insulation
•Great flexibility facilitating laying operations
•Clean and precise cut to avoid fraying or dust
•European Classification Directive 97/69/EC: “without classification”


•All applications where static tightness under high temperatures is required
•Espacially suitable for tightness applications on heating devices (stoves, inserts, boilers, furnace doors,…)
•The braids have higher density than the pads. They have a better resistance to crushing

Glass Eversil Braid 750°C

Eversil 750°C

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Glass Eversil pad 750°C

Eversil 750°C

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